Code of Conduct

Together Everyone Achieves More

Worthen Juniors recognise the difficulties that all clubs face in maintaining a very high level of sportsmanship amongst players and supporters whilst ensuring all players develop in a fun and supportive environment. This page is intended to help as guidelines for our Parents, Managers, Players & Supporters in terms of their approach in their roles within the club:


• Support the team not just your own child

• Always try and assist the team managers

• Respect match officials and their decisions at all times (right or wrong)

• Let your behaviour set the right example to the children

• Encourage your child positively

• Do not criticise

• Allow Managers to manage and coach

• Support fundraising activities & events


• Treat the players fairly at all times

• Attend the club monthly meetings or make sure a deputy represents you

• Ensure that all club money is paid into the treasurer as requested

• Ensure all paperwork is completed in a timely manner to avoid fines

• Seek to improve and progress players by nurturing, monitoring and coaching.

• Abide by FA rules and regulations

• Respect the decisions of match officials

• Be responsible for the players during training and matches

• Abide by and work within Child Protection guidelines.

• Be aware of the club’s rules and procedures

• Always make football fun and develop the whole person not just the player


• Always show respect for your team mates, team manager, the opposition and officials

• Bad behaviour, including fighting or swearing is not acceptable at training or on matchdays.

• Play to enjoy the game, not just to please your parents or team manager.

• Always accept the match officials’ decisions even if you think they are wrong.

• Remember we all make mistakes

• Always try your best. That is all anybody will ask of you.

• Do not bully and do not accept bullying. If seen, always report it to a team manager or parent.

Always have fun !!!!!!!!!


All spectators are asked to conduct themselves in a reasonable manner at all times and set a good example to the players and keep the good name of the club